Oct 12, 2021 • 28M

Warriors, Witches, Women: An interview with Kate Hodges

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Suzanne LaGrande
It’s 2021 and you’re ready to hear from the people who have been taking care of you and the world for as long as we can all remember — women. Listen to the kick-ass artists, activists and storytellers and social change makers who are reimagining the world
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Disobedient Femmes begins its the third season! Suzanne LaGrande interviews writer and author Kate Hodges who has just published Warriors Witches, and Women: Mythology's Fiercest Females. Ms. Hodges discusses how both feminism and stories about monsters and ghosts helped inspire her book, which is a compendium of fascinating female figures from World mythologies. The book includes figures from mythology such as Cassandra as well as actual women who have become legends such as Yennenga, a warrior, princess, and mother who lived over 900 years ago in Burkina Faso. Other characters include Bewitching, banished Circe, an introvert famed and feared for her transfigurative powers. The righteous Furies, defiantly unrepentant about their dedication to justice. Fun-loving Ame-no-Uzume makes quarreling friends laugh and terrifies monsters by flashing at them. The fateful Morai sisters spin a complex web of birth, life, and death. From feminist fairies to bloodsucking temptresses, half-human harpies and protective Vodou goddesses, Warriors, Witches and Women retells each heroine's story and raises important questions about how we may draw on these stories to understand the lives of women at present. For more about Kate Hodge's work, visit https://katehodges.org. (https://katehodges.org.) For more interviews, kickass women writers, artists, healers, and activists, subscribe to the Disobedient Femmes Podcast at the link below. Join me on Fridays at the Healing Salon where I free workshops in craft magic and other healing arts https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehealingsalon (https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehealingsalon). For even more about me, as well as strange, mostly true stories and magic spells visit me at http://suzannelagrande.com/ (suzannelagrande.com) Thanks so much for listening! ★☆★ CONNECT WITH ME ★☆★ Website ➜ https://www.suzannelagrande.com/ (https://www.suzannelagrande.com/) Podcast ➜https://www.shamansnotebook.com/ (https://www.shamansnotebook.com/) Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehealingsalon (https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehealingsalon) Instagram ➜https://www.instagram.com/suzanne_lagrande/ (https://www.instagram.com/suzanne_lagrande/) Pinterest ➜ https://www.pinterest.com/suzannelagrande/ (https://www.pinterest.com/suzannelagrande/) Original theme music composed by Edward Givens. For more about his work, visit: https://edwardgivens.bandcamp.com/ (https://edwardgivens.bandcamp.com/)