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Disobedient Femmes
Social Media Photography

Social Media Photography

An interview with Julia Hunt

In this episode of  Disobedient Femmes, Suzanne LaGrande speaks with social media  and personal branding photographer Julia Mae Hunt. Among other things,   Suzanne and Julia discuss:

How taking a photograph makes you vulnerable

What social media photography is

How storytelling is part of both photojournalism and social branding photography

The surprising ways having your picture taken can help you to develop confidence

The kinds of simple changes that over time can make a big difference in physical health as well as emotional emotional well-being

How changes in lifestyle and eating habits have to be enjoyable to be sustainable

How emotional eating needs to be understood and addressed

The importance of loving your body regardless of weight

To find out more about  Julia’s work visit:https://www.juliamaephotography.com/

Disobedient Femmes
Disobedient Femmes
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