Aug 11, 2021 • 29M

Sophia Treyger: The Radical Pleasurist

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Suzanne LaGrande
It’s 2021 and you’re ready to hear from the people who have been taking care of you and the world for as long as we can all remember — women. Listen to the kick-ass artists, activists and storytellers and social change makers who are reimagining the world
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Suzanne LaGrande speaks with coach, facilitator and self described “radical pleasurist,” about her mission to increase pleasure in her life and in the lives of those in her community. In this episode of Disobedient Femmes, Treyger discusses her journey from people pleasure to radical pleasurist, the importance of pleasure, and the need to expand our understanding of what it involves and how it can lead to a more satisfying and joyful life.