Sep 29, 2021 • 26M

Caty Chatoo-Borum and Lauren Feldman: Comedy as Social Change

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Suzanne LaGrande
It’s 2021 and you’re ready to hear from the people who have been taking care of you and the world for as long as we can all remember — women. Listen to the kick-ass artists, activists and storytellers and social change makers who are reimagining the world
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More than ever, comedy is a powerful source of influence and social critique. Suzanne LaGrande interviews Caty Borum Chattoo and Lauren Feldman, authors of A Comedian and An Activist Walk into a Bar: The Serious Role of Comedy in Social Justice. In this episode of Disobedient Femmes, Borum Chattoo and Feldman talk about the ways that comedy breaks through digital clutter and and offers a hopeful and sustainable way of calling attention to serious issues. They also talk about different kinds of comedy and the emergence of new voices, political perspectives and forms of political activism as a result of new forms of digital media.